How to work from anywhere – even the beach

For better or worse, the worlds of work and recreation collide sometimes. Maybe you have to take an important meeting while you’re on vacation, or you need to finesse a conference presentation as the hotel pool beckons, or perhaps you’re traveling the globe for a year and pursuing consulting gigs along the way.

Happily, with the right gear and guidance, you can blend work and travel effectively. To do so, consider these tips from so-called “digital nomads” — professionals who successfully earn a living while globetrotting.
Too often, communication breaks down when a team holds a meeting in a conference room with far-flung members dialing in. Attendees around the table often can’t be heard above a whisper by those on the phone, while remote participants struggle to anticipate a pause in the conversation when they can jump in.
There’s a simple way to encourage smoother conversations, says Greg Caplan, CEO of Remote Year, a work and travel company that coordinates travel, accommodations, and workspaces for digital nomads.
“To ensure that each team member is able to participate in the digital discussion effectively, I recommend instituting the ‘All or Nothing’ rule, which says that if everyone can’t be together in a room for a meeting, everybody has to individually call in to the video chat privately,” says Caplan. “This puts everyone on the same playing field and doesn’t put the remote workers at a disadvantage because they aren’t able to physically be in the room.”

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