How to Fix Impeachment

The articles of impeachment haven’t yet been drafted against President Donald Trump, and seemingly everyone has a theory of what’s already gone wrong. Weeks of high-profile hearings and news reports on the president’s behavior have done little to change the minds of voters or lawmakers on either side, and few in Washington expect the exercise to end in anything other than a partisan standoff.

The finger of blame shifts from in-the-tank politicians to partisan media to a president who has made almost a sport of upending political norms. But maybe the blame lies more with impeachment itself—a last-ditch political safety measure written into the Constitution that has never, in 230 years, been successfully used to remove a president.

Is impeachment fixable? Is it even worth fixing? We rounded up nine experts on impeachment to tell us if this current process is working, and offer their ideas for how to fix the process in general, either through politics or changes to impeachment itself. Some told us the process is going just fine, and its many uncertainties are a feature, not a bug. Most agreed that even if the process overall holds up, it’s in need of a few ambitious fixes.

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