How to create the Christmas table of your Instagram dreams

You’ve baked the fruitcake, mashed the potatoes and carved the turkey. Now what?

It’s time to set your Christmas table, a task that can come across as Herculean and daunting, but really is all about small festive touches to accent the delicious fresh food you’ve slaved over in the kitchen. We asked Therese Moussa, the head stylist at beloved Sydney, Australia, restaurant The Grounds, for her tips on decorating your table this Christmas.

“I love creating a more traditional Christmas look,” Moussa says, “with tones of green and red, accented with pops of metal hardware and embellishments.”

You can’t go wrong with festive red and green, but don’t be afraid to clash patterns (like different shades of tartan) or adding texture with varying prints and tones. “Ensure everything ties together seamlessly by being mindful of your color palette each step of the way,” Moussa adds.

Before you get to work on styling your table, take into account the table itself. If it is a beautiful, weathered raw timber, consider leaving it bare to “add character” to your display, Moussa says. Alternatively, you can try dressing the center of the table “only with a table runner,” which creates the perfect base to “build a magical centrepiece on top.”

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