Hillary Clinton Speaks Up Against Trump

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has slowly reemerged as one of President Donald Trump’s most staunch opponents after she suffered a shocking electoral upset in the 2016 presidential election. The Democratic candidate has reportedly been mulling over a potential bid for New York City mayor, while strategically interjecting herself into the national conversation surrounding the president’s most controversial developments in his first months in office.

Former campaign aides told International Business Times last month it didn’t appearClinton was prepared to announce a run for elected-office in her home state of New York, though she has been listening to her advisors’ suggestions to run for arguably the most powerful mayoral office in the world.

Meanwhile, Clinton supported calls for a “full investigation” into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia and President Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin Monday. Her Twitter account retweeted the final tweet in a thread Calif. Rep. Adam Schiff published, writing, “Mr. President, the Russians hacked our election and interfered. No one disputes this now, but you. This is what is called ‘fact.'”

Beside a painting of Hillary Clinton, President Donald Trump making a surprise appearance in front of a tour group at the White House in Washington, March 7, 2017. Photo: Reuters

“The intelligence community concluded the Russians will interfere again,” Schiff wrote in the message Clinton retweeted. “This is why full investigation is important to country. Please stop.”

Calls for a thorough investigation followed F.B.I. Director James Comey’s announcementduring his testimony to the House Intelligence Committee his federal agency was investigating the Trump campaign’s reported ties to the Kremlin. He and National Security Agency Director Michael Rogers were questioned on what their agencies were aware of when it came to alleged Russia’s cyber attacks on the 2016 presidential election, as well as what was being done to prevent foreign attacks for impacting elections in the future.

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