Hillary Clinton endorses Stephen Colbert’s impression of Bill

Source : [USAToday]

She’s Hillary Clinton, and she has approved this impression.

In a segment that aired on Monday’s Late Show, host Stephen Colbert sat down with Hillary for a little chat at a celebrated New York eatery, the Carnegie Deli. Which worked out for the Democratic presidential candidate because she was hungry.

Unlike her vegan husband, former President Bill Clinton, Hillary eats meat. But Bill’s nonchalant attitude about that fact made Colbert question the authenticity of President Clinton’s lifestyle choice.

“Okay, I think legally that makes him not a vegan,” he joked, and then continued with a perfect impersonation of our nation’s former leader. “He never says like, ‘You know, that sandwich had a face? That sandwich is somebody’s little baby.’ Nothing like that?”

Later, the late night host asked the former first lady how his impersonation measured up. “It’s really good, actually,” she said smiling.

And, during their meeting the funny man’s talents weren’t just limited to imitating former presidents — no. He also showed Hillary the proper way to eat a cheesecake. So, even if the press is around, she doesn’t have to be self-conscious about indulging in a slice.

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