Hero dogs save human lives

They’re regular Bark Kents!

The new documentary “Superpower Dogs,” in IMAX theaters Friday, introduces viewers to amazing canines who help people by using their extraordinary abilities: rescuing humans from under rubble, saving lost skiers after an avalanche and emotionally aiding veterans with PTSD.

They’re super cute, too.

Determining which pups would be featured in the family film was a struggle for the filmmakers. “[It took] a lot of research and hard work to find the equivalent of the Doggy Avengers,” director Daniel Ferguson tells The Post. The Montreal-based filmmaker met dozens of skilled dogs — one as far away as Uganda — but ultimately chose just six.

Then, they had to figure out how to visually explain man’s best friend’s natural powers on-screen. For instance, dogs have 60 degrees more peripheral vision than humans do and a far keener sense of smell, allowing them to find a missing person at a disaster site in just minutes as opposed to the hours it could take a person. Through creative shots he calls “doggy vision,” and special effects to demonstrate strong scents, Ferguson gives us a pup’s eye view of the world.

The crew filmed the fearless Fidos for nearly three years, following the journeys of dogs such as Henry, Ricochet and Halo, a trainee we witness go from newborn puppy to full-fledged search-and-rescue dog when she takes her final exam in New York.

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