Harry Styles romped through ‘Harrys Hosue’ at New York concert

There are many reasons why people are wild about Harry.

Styles, that is – the dashing British pop phenom who parlayed his hunk-a-zoid standing in One Direction into a potent solo career magnified by his keen musical instincts.

On Friday, Styles, 28, released his third solo album, “Harry’s House,” a luscious mélange of pop, funk and soul coupled with lyrics both silly fun (“Music for a Sushi Restaurant”) and piercingly tender (“Matilda”).

Review: ‘Harry’s House’ dazzles with synths and funk

To celebrate the arrival of his most comprehensive work, Styles parked himself at UBS Arena on New York’s Long Island for a special one-night show Friday . He and his taut six-piece band zipped through the 13 songs on “Harry’s House” for an ear-bleedingly loud crowd of 16,000 as well as for fans livestreaming the show on Apple Music (an encore airs at noon ET on Sunday ).

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