Google’s internal political battles keep spilling out into the public

It’s an unhappy time at Google.

Ever since the James Damore controversylast year, Google has faced regular eruptions from unhappy employees who wish to protest the company’s politics in public. In January, a former security engineer said he had been stopped from sharing his pro-diversity views. This summer, a group of employees successfully pressured the company to stop building an AI project for the military. A similar group is now pushing to prevent the company from re-entering China.

All of this has played out in unusually public ways — and against a political backdrop that has grown increasingly unfriendly to Google and its parent company, Alphabet. President Trump has repeatedly tweeted baseless allegations that the company is biased against conservatives. Lawmakers have conducted hearings that seem designed primarily to embarrass Google and its tech-giant peers.

On Wednesday, amid reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions might open antitrust and consumer-protection law investigations against the tech companies, someone at Google handed him a gift: an hourlong video of Google’s first all-hands meeting after the 2016 US presidential election, in which crestfallen executives attempt to console the employees they’re addressing.

The video has apparently been floating around for half a year; The New York Times’ Jack Nicas referred to it in an article from March. Now Breitbart has posted the entire meeting, known internally as TGIF, for everyone to watch.

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