Google pulled its ‘mic drop’ April Fool’s joke after it allegedly lost people their jobs

Google has abruptly killed off one of its April Fool’s Day “jokes” after it caused outrage online, with multiple people claiming that it lost them their jobs.

The premise of the joke was simple. In Gmail, next to the standard “Reply” button, Google added a “Mic drop” button. Using it would reply to the email, archive it – and also add a GIF of a minion dropping a mic. “Email’s great, but sometimes you just wanna hit the eject button,”Google wrote in a joke-y blog post explaining its purpose. “Like those heated threads at work, when everyone’s wrong except you (obviously). Or those times when someone’s seeking group approval, but your opinion is the only one that matters (amirite?). Or maybe you just nailed it, and there’s nothing more to say (bam).”

However, the joke backfired – fast.

Its placement directly next to the default “Reply” button meant it was easy to click by accident, especially if a user didn’t understand what it was. Google’s product forums are full of furious users claiming they pressed the button by accident – often on important professional emails.

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