Google Maps will now give you parking suggestions


Google has been testing parking features in Google Maps for a while now, since parking is obviously such a crucial part of the entire driving and navigating experience. But it looks like Google is rolling out automatic parking suggestions to more users, so don’t be surprised to find the feature next time you plot a navigation course.

The way the feature works is pretty interesting, too. Per Android Police, Google Maps will now issue prompts mid-trip that offer to add a stop on your route for recommended parking locations. Unless you act quickly, the prompt will disappear and you’ll have to wait for a new one.

What’s also interesting is that there’s no way to enable or disable the new feature at this time and you don’t have to update your app to get it. It’s just sitting there, waiting to be discovered — and apparently, it’s annoying drivers who are using ride-sharing apps like Lyft.

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