Giuliani falls back in line

After Rudy Giuliani called Jared Kushner “disposable” in his off-the-rails interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity earlier this week, the president’s son-in-law watched the clip himself to see what all the fuss was about.

Kushner — newly determined to stay in his lane and not meddle in the president’s legal strategy — decided to downplay a comment that raised eyebrows among other White House officials, instead mitigating potential tension with Giuliani by laughing it off.

As long as his wife didn’t call him “disposable,” he joked to people, everything was going just fine.

Less than 48 hours later, it was Giuliani whose “disposable” status was more of a question mark. His position as Trump’s shiny, new penny — confident enough to take an odd shot at a family member on prime-time television — appeared to be in jeopardy on Friday, when the president distanced himself from the newest addition to his legal team in back-to-back gaggles with reporters.

Trump said Giuliani needed more time to “get his facts straight,” on hush money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels, noting that the former New York City Mayor “just started a day ago.”

Giuliani in fact joined the president’s legal team two weeks ago, and had just told NBC News in an interview that “you’re not going to see daylight between the president and me.”

Until Friday, that may have been true. Giuliani had been enjoying a private channel of communication with the president, cutting out staffers and family members as he strategized with Trump directly on how to deal with an ongoing special counsel probe they both believe is a “witch hunt.”

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