George Will’s startling assessment of Donald Trump

In an interview with The New York Times Book Review podcast, longtime conservative commentator George Will offered a stirring and stark assessment of what Donald Trump’s presidency will mean for our politics and our culture.
Here’s the key bit:”I believe that what this president has done to our culture, to our civic discourse … you cannot unring these bells and you cannot unsay what he has said, and you cannot change that he has now in a very short time made it seem normal for schoolboy taunts and obvious lies to be spun out in a constant stream. I think this will do more lasting damage than Richard Nixon’s surreptitious burglaries did.”
That’s George Will, folks. Not Rachel Maddow. And it’s George Will saying that what Trump is doing, has done and will do to — and with — the presidency is more destructive than the actions of a president who was forced to resign in order to keep from being impeached.