Epic has a clever way to encourage more Fortnite videos: pay them whenever some buys in-game gear. It’s launching a Support-A-Creator Event that sends real money to producers on services like Twitch and YouTube when gamers make purchases with V-Bucks. Between the week of October 8th and the end of 2018, you only have to enter the name of a creator in Fortnite‘s shop to reward them the next time you buy a costume or glider. Each commitment lasts two weeks, but you can change your preferences whenever you’d like.

The company isn’t limiting this to gameplay videos. Cosplayers, artists, musicians and others are eligible. The only major demands are that they’ve produced Fortnite-related material in the past 30 days, have at least 1,000 social media followers and avoid illegal or “toxic” behavior.

This won’t lead to a windfall. If gamers spend 50,000 V-Bucks (about $500), their specified creator will get just $25 — you won’t make a ton of money from this unless you’re a major streamer like Ninja.

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