‘FIFA 19’ has everything it needs to be the best

I’ve always tried to love FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer equally, though there are years when one franchise wins me over the other — even if it’s by a tiny bit. You can always count on the game mechanics of Konami’s PES to be a pleasure to play, but EA Sports’ advantage with FIFA has been that it owns the official licenses to the biggest clubs and players.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather play with Manchester United than Man Red. This year, the most important change to FIFA 19 is the addition of the UEFA Champions League, Europe’s premier club competition, which hadfeatured on PES since 2008. EA Sports didn’t need the Champions League to make FIFA great, but it was basically the only thing it was missing. And now, at the expense of PES, it’s finally here.

It wasn’t long ago that FIFA went through another major change. In 2016, EA Sports introduced “The Journey”, a story mode for FIFA 17 which brought a whole new dynamic to the franchise. For the first time, football (er, soccer) fans could play the narrative of Alex Hunter, a fictional character who you have to guide through his professional career.

 With the Champions League at its disposal, it’s not surprising that EA Sports is now making the tournament a major part of Hunter’s story in FIFA 19. Naturally, you don’t get to play in the Champions League right away.

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