Facebook wants to track your exact location via Instagram

If you fear that Facebook will turn Instagram into a cash machine now that the Instagram creators are out the door, then you’ll want to make sure you’re in control of the way Instagram handles your data. That’s because Facebook now wants to get ahold of your location history from Instagram to deliver targeted ads inside Facebook.

The news comes from a TechCrunch source who revealed details about unreleased Instagram features in the past that were later added to the app.

Instagram is already prototyping the new privacy setting, which would let it share your location with Facebook. What’s disturbing is that your exact GPS coordinates will be collected by Instagram even when you’re not using the app. That way Facebook would have an idea of what kind of locations you frequent and what kind of ads you’d be likely to click. Per TechCrunch:

t’s unclear when and if it’ll be launched, but TechCrunch seems to think it’s a matter of time until Location History is introduced. The Location History option will be found inside the Privacy and Security settings. That’s where you’ll have to go to make sure it’s switched off if you don’t want your location shared with Facebook.

The prototype of Location History is set to “off” by default, but there’s no guarantee it’ll be opt-in when the feature launches. In fact, it would be surprising if it didn’t become opt-out by the time it launches.

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