Facebook launches new messaging app made for kids

It’s “The Social Network” meets “Sesame Street.”

Facebook is targeted kids as young as 6 with a new messaging app introduced on Monday — which some critics worry will be a slippery slope for Mark Zuckerberg’s two-billion strong operation.

Messenger Kids is a training wheels version of its full-fledged product — which will allow children to exchange messages and photos with friends and family as well as video chats.

Facebook said there will be plenty of safeguards built into Messenger Kids. Parents will have to sign their children up for the service and have to approve any person their children communicate with.

At the same time, Facebook is promising not to sell ads into the Messenger Kids stream nor to automatically move the kids onto Facebook when they are eligible.

Messenger Kids will be downloaded onto a child’s device but will be controlled by the parent. The child will not have his or her own Facebook account.

“[Messenger Kids] doesn’t overcome the issues of screen time and screen use and all the other issues that go with technology and kids,” Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute, told The Post.

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