Facebook Groups now supports 250-person chat rooms

If your Jimmy Neutron Facebook Group has felt a bit dull, that’s probably because the social media giant didn’t allow members to jump into a giant, early ’00s-style group chat Well,

Facebook plans to gradually roll out a new feature that will allow Groups to launch specific sub-chats up to 250 members. Not only that, groups can start audio or video calls with up to 50 members.

Facebook communities will likely enjoy this new form of direct communication. And Facebook considered pain-points users might have with notifications, and made it so that users must opt-in to a chat before getting updates.

It’s also possible to adjust notification settings to stop all alerts, or only get alerts when somebody specifically @ mentions you. Group admins can shut down chats, or make it so that only admins can approve chats.

As for people who want to make group chats with just their friends, a similar feature was launched earlier this year for Messenger. It too has limits of 250 people and many of the same features that Facebook will be rolling out to Groups.

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