Expect Mueller report to disappoint — and other commentary

Thursday’s much-anticipated release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative report promises an end to some of the divisions that have engulfed President Trump’s term. But as The Week’s Edward Morrissey suggests, it only offers “an eventual end to them.”

Because in the short term, both sides “will attempt to keep the fight alive by pumping hot takes into snippets of the report, hoping to salvage their own preferred narratives from the findings of the investigation.” Unfortunately for all the partisans, though, Mueller’s report likely will “disappoint both sides” and “bore everyone else.” Fact is, both parties “have hyped up the investigation to the point that Mueller’s report can’t possibly compete with the narratives.”

The question of who will control New York City’s $34 billion education cartel, a k a the Department of Education, was “the dog that didn’t bark” during Albany’s budget negotiations, concludes City Journal’s Bob McManus. Almost unnoticed, Bill de Blasio “quietly retained custody of the sprawling system for the remainder of his term.”

That leaves the education of New York’s 1.1 million public-school students in the hands of its “distracted and increasingly bewildered” mayor and his chancellor, Richard Carranza. In the past, the teachers union and so-called community-empowerment groups have contested the notion of mayoral control.

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