Ex-White House staffers reveal Bush and Obama’s best jokes

They were the leaders of the free world, but presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama didn’t let that responsibility get in the way of a little fun.

In the new book “Treating People Well: The Extraordinary Power of Civility at Work and in Life” (Scribner) former White House social secretaries Lea Berman and Jeremy Bernard reveal what it was like to work for their respective first families.

Although they served in two very different administrations — Berman, a conservative, worked for the Bushes while Bernard, the first male social secretary in American history, was appointed by the liberal Obamas — they share how both couples were socially savvy and added levity to an otherwise high-pressure work environment.

According to Berman, Bush “understood the power of a good laugh.” In fact, he was such a good sport about his bumbling media persona that he referenced it frequently and allowed his employees to do the same; a regular gathering of top officials was renamed

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