Essex Market unveils huge, new foodie paradise

Bigger is better for the Lower East Side’s Essex Street Market.Now rechristened Essex Market, this new 37,000-square-foot venue is about three times the size of the old spot, which was located across the street. It features 37 vendors, 16 of which are newcomers.Still, “we feel part of a community,” 52-year-old Pilar Rigon, of the new stand Mille Nonne, tells The Post.

The Roman chef’s stand, which means “a thousand grandmothers” in Italian, serves up Italian comfort foods with a healthy twist. Meatballs ($10 for four), for example, are lightened up with turkey, quinoa and spinach. Lasagna ($11) features a turkey Bolognese with lactose-free bechamel.

Other new additions to the market include Mideast-inflected Samesa, which slings pockets, wraps and plates with chicken shawarma, za’atar salmon or chickpea seitan (pockets from $7.35). Across the way, vendor Don Ceviche sells that popular Peruvian seafood dish, with options including shrimp ($12.99) and octopus ($13.99). There’s also vegan-cheese stand Riverdel, which sells a cashew-based pepper Billy cheese and a cashew-and-soy blue cheese for $8.25 per quarter-pound.

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