Cruise Critic’s most popular cruise ship destinations for 2018

Some of this year’s most popular cruise destinations from Cruise Critic — including the No. 1 spot — may surprise you.
The cruise review company just released its 2018 Critic’s Cruisers’ Choice Destination Awards, and the top 10 picks for 2018 encompass both river cruise and ocean liner ports.
Consumer ratings determined the finalists from 18 cruise regions around the world.
“Our data regularly shows that whether you’re a first-time cruiser or you’ve sailed dozens of times, destination is a top consideration when shopping for a cruise,” said Cruise Critic’s Senior Executive Editor Colleen McDaniel.
10. Villefranche, France
That’s okay if you haven’t heard of Villefranche, also called Villefranche-sur-Mer, as the seaside village is tucked away between its more famous neighbors of Nice and Monaco.
Being overlooked has helped the former fishing village retain its charm, particularly the Old Town section with its 13th-century buildings.
While it’s tempting to stick to the harbor, lined with sidewalk cafes and a sandy beach, those who are willing to trek up the steep, staircase-lined hills will be rewarded with Old Town’s shops and dining options, along with more authentic, and more affordable, food choices.
Exploring will also provide a glimpse into local life on the French Riviera — one that’s heavily influenced by Italy considering the town is about an hour’s drive from the border.
Other attractions worth visiting are the 16th-century Saint Elme Citadel and the local markets.

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