College football rankings: The Bottom 25 race begins with 11 Power Five conference teams in running

The Bottom 25 is going to look a lot different this season. Whereas the rankings will still be based on the 25 lowest-ranked teams in my rating system, that means something different in 2020. There are only 76 of the 130 FBS teams currently playing this fall. That’s 41.5% of our usual field that’s no longer available. It also means that 32.9% of the 76 teams remaining will be ranked here every week.The most significant impact is who isn’t playing, though. While 41.5% of the 130 teams disappeared in 2020, that 41.5% includes 12 of the teams who finished last year in The Bottom 25. That’s nearly half the rankings! Creating even more drama is that seven of those 12 teams finished in the Bottom 10. The Bottom 25 is losing teams at an alarming rate!The race for the Bottom 25 Championship in 2020 is more wide open than ever before, and we’re going to be seeing teams we aren’t accustomed to here — there’s no avoiding it.Also, there’s another minor change for the first few weeks of the season. My rating system starts fresh every year. Nothing that happened in previous seasons matters. That’s not the case for now. With staggered starts across the country — we’re still 11 days away from the SEC starting — only 42 of the 76 teams have begun their seasons. So, for any team that hasn’t played a game yet, I’m using a ranking based on the last three seasons. That is why you’re going to see a few teams who haven’t played yet this season at the top of this week’s poll. Once any team plays a game, I wipe the slate clean and start from there.Now that you’re filled in on the situation, let’s rank the first Bottom 25 of the 2020 season.

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