Chloe Kim: US teenager makes history at Winter Olympics

Hers is a life changed.

From 17-year-old standout to Olympic champion.

Standing at 5ft 3in, it is not always easy to spot Chloe Kim in a crowd, but on a cloudless Tuesday in South Korea it was obvious where America’s new golden girl was.

Kim had already done enough to win the women’s halfpipe gold before she started her final attempt, only to knock it out of the park with a near-perfect score of 98.25.

At the bottom, she was engulfed in a crowd of reporters and photographers, all competing for her attention over the relentless clicking of camera shutters, with yells of “Chloe! Chloe! Chloe!,” the shuffling throng following her every move like ducklings.

Journalists from all around the world wanted to speak to the new Olympic champion. She ran the gauntlet of TV interviews and negotiated the maze of reporters with equanimity.

Fans wanted a piece of the action too, craning necks, standing on tip-toe, sticking their smartphones in the air. Any sort of picture would do.

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