Candy cane fingers are the newest creepy beauty trend


Candy cane fingers are a new trend sweeping Instagram – and they’re sure to turn your stomach.

The candy cane finger trend involves making your fingers look like candy canes – complete with hooked ends and red stripes.

Thankfully, they’re not real and are the work of clever make-up trickery – but that doesn’t stop the seemingly gouged out digits from looking seriously scary.

The scary trend was first posted on Instagram by self-taught makeup artist zylime, who specializes in creating gory looks using prosthetics and fake blood.

Zylime created the frightening effect by sticking prosthetics on top of her real fingers and then hiding the tips of her real fingers under tissue to give the impression of seriously bent out of shape digits.

With the help of a little fake blood, she then scratched stripes on to the fake fingers to give the impression that her fingers had huge chunks missing – as well as a candy cane effect.

While the trend isn’t exactly mainstream, but another artist has also posted their attempt at the strange look.

Would you try this out at home?

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