Breaking down why America hates Tom Brady and Gisele

With each Patriots win and seemingly inevitable Super Bowl showing comes the question: Why do people hate Tom Brady?

Even Brady, the greatest quarterback of all time, has acknowledged this mystery, and this past August shared some theories. Maybe if football were an Olympic sport, he told Boston outlets WEEI/NESN, the country would finally rally around him. Maybe if the Pats weren’t so dominant. Maybe fans of other teams — losers — just need a single person to blame.

“Most Americans . . . they don’t like me, and I can understand that,” he said.

Here’s another theory: Brady alone is smug enough. But since getting together with now-wife Gisele Bündchen in 2006 — while his maybe-ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan was two months pregnant with his child — the smugness has grown exponentially.

If Gwyneth Paltrow is our cultural watermark for Peak Smug, Brady and Bündchen are threats to her supremacy. In fact, they seem to be stealing from Paltrow’s playbook.

Paltrow on “consciously uncoupling” from ex-husband Chris Martin: “He’s really like my brother; we’re very familial. It’s nice, it’s great.”

Bündchen on giving birth, drug-free, to first child Benjamin: “[It] wasn’t painful, not even a little bit . . . The second day I was walking, I was washing dishes, I was making pancakes in the kitchen.”

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