Bose smart glasses can tell you what you’re seeing.

Hey Bose glasses, tell me what it is I’m looking at.

Smart glasses based on augmented reality typically work by floating a visual layer of information related to your surroundings that only you as the person wearing those spectacles are able to see.

The AR glasses that Bose is showing off as a working prototype at Austin, which kicks off this weekend, doesn’t change what you’re seeing—there’s no actual display inside. Instead by determining your location (via GPS on your nearby iOS or Android phone) and tracking the way your head is turned, the glasses promise to tell you all about what it is you’re seeing.

Call them Smart Audio glasses.

Maybe, for example, you’re in a museum. The Bose product will then tell you all about the painting in front of you. Perhaps you’re standing at a monument of a famous person. You’ll then maybe hear a speech from the historical figure. Or you might have audio from the glasses telling you which way to find your gate at the airport.

Smart glasses–yes, the more visual kind–grabbed a lot of attention back in 2013 when Google brought out Google Glass, which was widely characterized a flop. It was expensive, raised privacy and safety concerns, and was perhaps ahead of its time. These days, Google is back at it with a version pitched to enterprises.

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