Boivin: Accountability next step for Michael Floyd

Somewhere on his path to the Super Bowl, Michael Floyd lost his way, and it wasn’t just during the wrong routes he ran.

His curious tweet on Tuesday about Super Bowl backlash was another sign that the former Cardinals receiver doesn’t understand what it takes to be a professional.

Damn I just realized ppl are really mad that I got a ring. I thought everyone would be happy for me. Oh well. I’m a champion!!

No one is saying Floyd is a bad guy. He is a person who made a really bad decision, and that was being in a Scottsdale intersection at 2:48 a.m. on Dec. 12, asleep at the wheel of his Escalade, a blood alcohol level of .21, the car running, his foot on the brake.

The scenario could have played out much worse.

It happened just seven weeks ago. The comeback story doesn’t have its feel-good ending yet. Posting on social media that you’re surprised people are still upset and finishing with a subtle taunt – “I’m a champion” – is not the direction to go. How about …

I am grateful the Patriots gave me an opportunity to get a Super Bowl ring. I will keep working hard to make the most of this second chance.

Boom, 140 characters of humility.

It sure feels as if Floyd doesn’t appreciate the severity of his mistake.

Think about it. Do you think the Cardinals wanted to get rid of him? Of course not. They tried everything in their power to convince themselves he should stick around.

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