Being single could help you live longer


Stop worrying about being single – it could actually help you live longer.

You’ve probably lost track of the number of times someone has asked “so when are you going to settle down?” or “I can’t understand why a lovely girl like you is still single.”

There seems to be no end to the fairly personal reminders that you aren’t in a relationship.

But then, why should you be if you are happy doing your own thing?

And it turns out there are several health benefits to being single so if you are enjoying it, embrace it.

The 2011 census data showed that 51 percent of adults in England and Wales were single.

It was a three percent rise from the 47 percent who were single in 2001.

So what benefits do you get from not being in a relationship?

Single people socialize more

If you’re single you have less responsibility to other people.

That means you can go out when you like, chat to people when you like and your social life is entirely in your hands.

In fact, figures from the American Bureau of Labor Statistics showed single people spent more time chatting to friends than married couples.

Single people spend an average of 12 minutes a day staying in touch with other people over phone calls and emails.

But married people only spend about 7.8 minutes doing the same.

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