Art crowd brings a dolphin to dinner


Late-night diners at the Lobster Club in Midtown did a double take on Monday night, we hear, when an A-list art crowd entered just before closing time with an inflatable dolphin and large glowing light in tow.

It wasn’t a prank, but instead, spies said, was Salon 94 gallerist Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn and Art Production Fund honcho Casey Fremont, along with an entourage including LA art patrons Maria and Bill Bell as well as gallerist/art collector Adam Lindemann and his wife, Amalia Dayan.

As far as the props — it turns out Rohatyn had just been honored along with Jeff Koons at the Art Production Fund’s gala next door and was in search of a nightcap — the inflatable dolphin was decor from the benefit and the light was a piece of art by the hip collective FriendsWithYou.

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