Arizona is a new front line in America’s ongoing gun debate

Here are the stories our panel of top political reporters will be watching for in the week ahead in Sunday’s “Inside Politics” forecast.

1) Arizona emerges as a new front line in the gun debate

As Americans grapple with the debate over gun control in the wake of recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio, the Associated Press’ Julie Pace reports that Arizona is shaping up to be a new front line in that fight.
Republican Sen. Martha McSally will likely face former astronaut Mark Kelly in the 2020 general election. Kelly, a Democrat, is married to former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who survived a shooting in Tucson in 2011.
Kelly and Giffords have become outspoken advocates of gun control, while McSally has been an ardent supporter of gun rights in the past. Recently, however, Pace reports that McSally has softened her tone somewhat and expressed an openness to some new gun legislation.
“Republicans like McSally know that their success in 2020 may hinge on their ability to hold some of these suburbs that have traditionally voted for Republicans, but have really started to move away from the party in the Trump era,” Pace said. “A lot of Republicans we talk to say that this issue, gun control, could shift that trend even further away from the party.”