Apple’s latest plan to trap you inside your iPhone


No matter how much greener the grass might get on the other side, I’m certain I’ll never leave the iPhone/Mac ecosystem. I have everything I need inside iOS/macOS such that switching to another operating system seems like a very bad idea. Like me, there are millions of other people, and it looks like Apple is really interested in extending the iPhone “trap” for as long as possible.

The “trap” is really simple. You get sucked into iOS, likely via the iPhone, and you never look back. You get apps, you buy additional hardware, and you get more apps. Before you know it, you also own a Mac.

While this happens, Apple keeps making iOS and macOS better, and launches better and better devices to take advantage of the software novelties.

But Apple also has one other long game in mind, and we just witnessed one other episode. In what may seem like less than exciting news, Apple announced Tuesday that it’s partnering with Accenture to create iOS business solutions.

Accen-who? Why is this important to regular iPhone and iPad owners?

Accenture is just the latest partnership meant to help Apple boost its presence in the business sector, and propose iOS software solutions for enterprise players. In previous years, Apple announced similar deals with other prominent names in tech, including IBM, Cisco, Deloitte, and SAP.

The object of the game is to create more iOS experiences for businesses with the help of these partners, and turn the iPhone and iPad into default gadgets for work.

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