Apple’s bigger, better Watch Series 4 makes a great first impression

Apple’s new iPhones are impressive and all, but I’d argue the company’s new Watch Series 4 stole the show in Cupertino last week. In addition to the first major redesign in the wearable’s history, Apple crammed a host of improved health and fitness features into the Series 4’s new and improved body. There’s a lot to dig into and honestly, we’re just not done testing the thing yet. As we work on our full review, though, there a few features and flourishes you should definitely keep in mind.

Bigger in some ways, smaller in others

You probably don’t need me to tell you that Apple made its Watches bigger this year: we’re looking at 40mm and 44mm bodies, up from the classic 38mm and 42mm. What has really stuck with me so far is that, despite wider frames and bigger, more enticing displays, the Series 4 feels more comfortable to wear for long periods of time than any earlier model.

Your mileage may vary on that, but the fractions of a millimeter Apple shaved off the Watch’s body have made a noticeable difference, for me. It certainly helps that the sensor hump on the Watch’s back isn’t as curvaceous as it used to be, so the wearable doesn’t jut out from your wrist as much. It might seem like I’m getting a little worked up over a very minute change in case depth, but on a device like this, the little things matter.

Information overload

…Is not a problem for the Apple Watch Series 4. That is, unless you want it to be. Both of Apple’s new Watch designs feature screens that stretch further across the case’s face, and since you can load certain watch faces with up to eight complications, it can be easy to squeeze a little *too much* information onto these displays. The thing is, it’s just as easy to abstain: one of the first things I did was to remove half of the complications from the Watch’s dense, default face, and I’d honestly recommend you do the same. Just because you can fit that much data onto a screen doesn’t mean you should.

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