Apple is working on a crumb-resistant keyboard

Calling all MacBook owners: Break out the cookies, it’s time to celebrate.

Apple is working on the single greatest invention in its glorious history: a keyboard that keeps crumbs at bay.

How many times have you started working on your MacBook only to find dirt and dust stuck to the keys?

Not only do they look gross, but these contaminants can cause electrical faults and loss of functionality on your devices.

Fortunately, they may soon be a thing of the past, ifApple’s latest patent sees the light of day.

The freshly lodged application shows a number of methods to keep dirt out, including the use of gaskets, brushes, wipers and flaps to seal gaps.

Apple also suggests a membrane beneath each key and (most exciting of all) a “bellows” effect, which forces air through the board each time a key is pressed, pushing icky dirt out in the process.

“Liquid ingress around the keys into the keyboard can damage electronics. Residues from such liquids may corrode or block electrical contacts, getting in the way of key movement and so on,” the patent application reads.

Apple adds: “A keyboard assembly [could include] a substrate, a keycap and a guard structure extending from the keycap that funnels contaminants away from the movement mechanism.”

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