Americans want the day after Super Bowl to be a holiday

One in four Americans (24 percent) say the day after the Super Bowl should be declared a national holiday, according to new research.

A study into Super Bowl viewing and snacking habits of 2,000 Americans found many of them feel passionately that they should be able to rest up the day after sporting celebrations.

The survey by Jack Link’s Protein Snacks found that one in six Americans are even considering taking a sick day on the Monday after the game.

Results showed food will play a central role in this year’s festivities, with the average party host planning to spend $61 on snacks alone.

In fact, the data shows that one in four Americans expect to eat as much on Sunday as they do on Thanksgiving.

Perhaps that’s why one in seven of those polled are only interested in attending a Super Bowl party because of the snacks.

“The Super Bowl is the can’t-miss sporting event of the year. America loves this game because it’s not just about football and ads, it’s about cheering on your team with your favorite people by your side and your favorite snacks at your fingertips,” said Tom Dixon, chief marketing officer at Jack Link’s. “Our protein snacks give fans the energy they need to power through the entire big game and then some.”

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