Amazon: Yahoo Finance’s Company of the Year

Nowhere was Amazon’s position as a retail juggernaut better symbolized than a photograph last July of a buff Jeff Bezos strutting around Sun Valley, Idaho, “guns” blazing.

The shot of the CEO, which went viral and inspired a stream of breathless coverage like GQ Magazine’s “Jeff Bezos’ big-ass biceps will shame you into working out this weekend,” served as a stark symbol of how far he and Amazon have come since Bezos jump-started Amazon in his Seattle garage to peddle books online.

Amazon (AMZN) still sells books, of course. But it does so much more now, from cloud-based services to food delivery, much to the delight of more than 300 million shoppers spoiled by its competitive pricing and fast shipping.

While Amazon continues to account for a relatively small share of retail overall, the company continuously made business headlines.

The e-commerce giant’s broad reach is also drawing the attention of lawmakers like Senator Cory Booker, who argue that big tech companies like Amazon and Google have simply become too big and should face greater antitrust scrutiny.

Amazon has had quite the year, which is why Yahoo Finance’s editors selected the Seattle tech giant as 2017’s Company of the Year. Credit: David Foster/Yahoo Finance

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