10 Scientific Hints Of Possible Higher Beings

Is another being responsible for our lives or even the entire universe? If you believe in God, you have your answer. However, some mind-boggling studies suggest other possibilities for higher beings who are responsible for our existence.

10.The Universe Shouldn’t Exist

According to certain studies, the universe should not have survived more than one second. For example, the big bang should have produced equal amounts of matter and antimatter, canceling each other out. Instead, slightly more matter was produced, creating the entire observable universe. We can’t definitively explain this.

In another theory, the universe is in the Higgs field, which gives particles their mass. A large energy field stops our universe from falling into the valley, a deeper field, where the universe couldn’t exist.

However, if the standard model of physics is correct, a rapid expansion of the universe immediately after the big bang should have moved the universe into the valley. This would have destroyed the universe before it was one second old.

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